Cat or Dog?

There are so many arguments about the best qualities of cats and dogs that no one will ever agree which is best. The dog lovers will always point out the joys of having a faithful canine who trusts and loves with ardour, leaping in jubilation when you return home from work. The cat lover’s comeback is that when their lovely kitty sits on their lap and purrs, they’re quiet and less obtrusive bringing warmth and relaxation to their owners at the end of a trying day.

I have been lucky it seems I have a cat/dog. You’re out of luck Monsanto your GMO’s cannot extend this far. I have the rarest of dogs one that runs and fetches sticks and snuggles on your lap. She may not purr but she just proved today that she can climb trees.

My little girl ran at the tree with a tenacity that a mountain climber would be proud of. Several times she failed but she did not give up, with a final exuberant flourish she took her tiny feet to the tree and grasping traction on the bark pulled herself up to the top. Sitting amongst the foliage she viewed her vista below with well earned pride. Kudos to you Billie you set your goal and succeeded. I will learn from your bravery to go for my goals with as much gusto!

P.S. The tree is only partial having fallen over years ago and becoming overgrown with ivy and other climbing vegetation, but for a small twenty two pound dog it was still a feat no less since it still stands taller than I. Billie brings joy to us everyday and that’s why we have pets, dogs or cats, they’re characters are unique, just as our love for them is.

Boston Terrier in tree

Billie the Boston Terrier Tree Dog?

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Author of science-fiction/fantasy series Elanclose. Writing because it keeps me going.
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