Home Sweetie, Home.

Home Sweetie Home- evening landscape

Home Sweetie Home Where I am the best person ever!

I arrived home late Saturday after my farm-sitting stint. I had left the place in the hands of the guys. Yep! You know what that’s like. They certainly don’t turn into Cinderella when you’re away. In fact I think I was lucky that the dishes were done. Chaos, is a good word to use. I expected the place to be more cluttered than it was but my husband had had words with my son about picking up all of his clothes. Which he almost did.

Cleaning was in order but before that I had to be welcomed by my puppies. When I say puppies they are my adult puppies. They leap and bound, especially the little one with as much exuberance as they did when they were little. The two large dogs are more aloof, sometimes, but not this time. I had two big heads almost knocking me over to get attention. Being affectionately goosed is one part of owning big dogs. Aw! To be loved.

Italian Mastiff

Blue Boy

Blue Boy (Italian Mastiff), Fluffy Puppy (Maremma) and Billie Girl (Boston Terrier) were joyful at the sight of me, my husband didn’t get a look in. Whilst I have been away Blue Boy has taken over the love seat, Billie Girl takes herself upstairs to sleep on our bed and Fluffy Puppy, well, he’ll just about sleep anywhere because as a breed they’re pretty close to feral. They are bred to live outside with sheep having only a minimal amount of human contact. However, he has chosen the living room rug as his favourite spot, whereas his parents had happily laid in amongst the flock of woolly bodies that had surrounded them.

Fluffy Puppy

I should tell you more about Fluffy Puppy because he has been, let’s say was, a problem child. He was three months old when my son and I went to buy him. I couldn’t go for the sweet female who was leaping all over with joy to see us. No! I had to pull the male out from underneath the tractor smelling of diesel who had no intention of being sociable. He wouldn’t walk so my son picked up the mere thirty five pound brute that I had just purchased and laid him on the back seat like a rag doll. He’d decided his legs didn’t work. If we wanted him, we would have to make the effort of providing our own physical transportation method to move him because he wasn’t getting out of his comatose state.

Of course on the journey home he broke that rule by vomiting all over my son and going back to his unable to move stance. Kudos to my son he was still happy with the white fluff in his arms minus the pebbly bits that we cleaned off. He chose to call him Ghost after the white dire wolf in Game of Thrones. His dad and I called him Fluffy Puppy.

Maremma and Boston Terrier

Fluffy Puppy and Billie Girl

The first night was interesting. We had a dog that had lived outside and needed to be house trained. Fluffy Puppy was still of the opinion that his legs would not work when we were around. Consequently I had to carry him outside and put him down for him to go to the bathroom. This was no problem (except the strain on my back) until he decided…Gosh! Yes! My legs do work and took off under the deck. After much cajoling, treat offering, sweet talking and begging, all of which Fluffy Puppy ignored, he was abandoned to spend the night there. Forgive me, there’s only so much time you can spend outside begging a puppy to come out. He was safe so we let him have his alone time.

The next morning he came out and guess what? His legs worked until he was back inside and his affliction relapsed. I had to carry him out to the bathroom again but this time he didn’t hide under the deck. It seemed there was a correlation between being in the house with us and the use of his legs. Really when you think about it, his defiance was more pleasant than biting us in the ass to show his displeasure at being taken away from his family.

Believe it or not this practise went on for days. When they say sheepdogs can be stubborn believe them, they can be very stubborn. Of course now Fluffy Puppy is part of the family, the dire wolf of our tribe and we adore him. You couldn’t get a more laid back dog in fact he would have fit right into the sixties with flower power and “hey man what’s your hurry”, he’s totally retro.

Anyway back to my return home to all of my sweeties. After many hugs and kisses I was finally able to give my husband and son hugs and kisses too. My sweeties had bought bubbly, cream cheese and salmon to celebrate my return home. Wow! Did I feel special.

It’s funny how when you’ve been away from home you come back with lots of energy. I did. I swept through the house like a cleaning tornado and petered out just as fast!

I’ve been home a few days now and tomorrow I am off to Quebec. Again I am abandoning my critters but this time my husband will be with me. I am somewhat afraid of what mess will greet me on my return but I shall not complain. I am just thankful that my son is prepared to stay and take care of things. Plus, I can look forward to being tumultuously welcomed by our puppies on our return. They think I am the best person ever and I’m not going to dispute that!

Home sweetie home

Home sweetie home

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