When You’re Stuck with No Vehicle

Image-1 (3)

Last weekend the truck almost died, we managed to get it to the Emergency Mechanics and had to wait and see if the news would be dire. The first few days were okay but when you are stuck out in the middle of no where without a vehicle and the nearest neighbour being a kilometre walk away, you start to get a little stir crazy. That’s when I decided I needed to visit my little friends.

You know them from the last post, my regular visitors that help entertain me. Well, they did that again. So here is the photo shoot we had together. As you can see they were very obliging, although Downey Woodpecker was a little shy and would only peek around the tree no matter how many times I tried to capture him circling it.

Nature has a wonderful way of cheering us up when we’re missing our favourite class, appointments and just getting to be with people.

Thank you my feathered friends!

First photo – White Breasted Nuthatch

Second photo – Downey Woodpecker

Third photo – Chickadee

Fourth photo – Chickadees



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Author of science-fiction/fantasy series Elanclose. Writing because it keeps me going.
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