Iceman Cometh

So Spring sprung last weekend. There was some sunshine and warmer weather until the iceman came and boy has he left a mess! Traffic is near zero today on our road but then a tractor trailer was lodged in the ditch yesterday, and it took over an hour to get it out. My poor dog fell on his butt and has been limping cautiously around since. Now all three dogs are asleep, hibernating for when this goes away. The horses are hiding in the run-in until it’s time to go into their stalls and my two chickens took one look out the door and ran back. It seems it isn’t duck weather either as Rocky IV has snuggled into a corner of the barn and refuses to come out.


For now I will imagine budding trees and green grass sparkled with sunshine. Maybe I’ll watch an episode of “Death in Paradise”, where I can see them all sweating in the Caribbean heat and try to believe I’m glad I’m in a cooler place. Not! Snow I can handle but having to wear studs on my boots so I can make it to the barn is too much for me. I know good weather will get here so for now what to do with all of this ice?  The only thing I can think of is daquaris. Perhaps it’s Hawaiian theme party time? But no one can get here-sniff!



About Elanclose Rambles

Author of science-fiction/fantasy series Elanclose. Writing because it keeps me going.
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