Elanclose began with no rhyme or reason it just happened. Pulled from the darkness of depression Elanclose came into being.

Fiction, rising from the oppression of a dystopian society Elanclose grew out of the ashes of The Devastation. A world starting again with the blankness of youth, its occupants creating their own form of utopia. Free to live the way they wanted, to develop and grow through their own experiences and only count on the past for knowledge. Forming clans they live in harmony until, as in real life, those seeking more power and control, change it.

Written as science fiction/fantasy, young adult, new adult series of novels these stories became my saviour from the pain I was in. Unable to go about my normal day I sat for weeks spending hours pouring words from my mind onto the screen before me. I didn’t see darkness descend, I didn’t see the light disappear. As I wrote I only saw the bright screen and the characters I made become as real to me as friends, pulling me from the shadows into the lightness of the electronic device I sat in front of.

Elanclose is my first novel, I went on to write the sequel as Aqueous Passage and the third as Travertine (I am still writing this grand finale). I do not have the education that a writer perhaps should have but I have a vivid imagination. From it came my world of Elanclose. It took me from self-pity and loathing to a place of creativity, building, expansion of thoughts and love of the characters that came into being. Characters that showed bravery, resourcefulness, guidance, kindness and love. But also faults because none of us are without faults and we should be loved for them as well as our better selves.

It didn’t cut it with the agents I queried. It didn’t fit into any of their genres, perhaps true or just a kind way to reject me. I felt I was a failure so many times during my life and continually struggled to find self-worth and value. I did have an encouraging response from the agent of Stephenie Meyer. His words were kind and thoughtful and although he said it was outside of their genre he thought the story had promise. Since I am a fan of the Twighlight series and The Host my soul lightened at his response. Only the U.S. market responded to my queries, I received no replies from their Canadian counter-parts.

My heart told me it should be read, that the story was worth while, not perfect but a good read. I didn’t have the money to pay for professional editing, so with flaws I self-published Elanclose and Aqueous Passage, hoping that those who read them would enjoy them as much as I did writing these books and forgive my mistakes.

I grew up struggling. Life wasn’t easy. There were so many difficulties that took place through my brief period of childhood to adulthood but I survived. Maybe that is why I admire the characters of Elanclose, they are survivors too.

Perhaps having started on a precipice is why I fall so often. We have to fight though right? We have to climb back up and teeter once more until we find a way to make the crag safe. Perhaps we build a fence but that also traps us. I’d like to think that as with the Grand Canyon we can build a skywalk where we can move safely outward, looking down at all that lies below us, above us and all around us. Then for once in our lives we can look in any direction and see all without being afraid.


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